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FCK Editor does not open new browser window


Auto install DNN
Edit web.config and change <htmlEditor defaultProvider="TelerikEditorProvider"> to <htmlEditor defaultProvider="FckHtmlEditorProvider">
Log in as Host
Edit pre-placed html module (brings up FCK Editor)
Highlight a word and click link button
Click Browse Server
Click Page (on your site)
Optionally click Track Number Of Times This Link Is Clicked? and/or Log The User, Date, And Time For Every Link Click?
Click Open Link In New Browser Window?
Save the settings.
Clicking on link (or even a linkclick) will open a new browser window
It does not open a new browser window


jbobish wrote Nov 1, 2010 at 8:22 PM

As far as I can tell after looking through the source code this feature has never worked with the FCKEditor. In fact the URL isn't stored in the database at all so all the options on the "Browse Server" popup page (Track clicks, log every click, pop up new window, etc.) do not actually get saved. I hoped that I was just missing something but after spending way too much time comparing the source code to the code used for the links module I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

If you watch the database while adding links this way you'll see that nothing gets added to any of the URL tables.

I'd love to be incorrect so if anyone knows otherwise please post here in the comments.

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